Golf Fitness

Titleist Performance Institute Certified

Mobility and Stability is the KEY to safe and effective power development and consistency in your golf swing.

Our Performance Packages Include:

  • Head to Toe Mobility/Stability Physical Evaluation

  • Titleist Performance Workouts Designed specifically for You.

All information collected is synthesized and your workout program is developed to address your individual problem areas. All exercises are viewable online at home or on your cell. All information is then provided to Dan so that he can customize his teaching approach around your individual physical abilities.

Dr. Jeff Carr is a Board certified Doctor of Chiropractic and is Level 2 Certified in the Medical branch of the Titleist Performance Institutes Golf Fitness Professional Training Program.

Dr. Jeff's understanding of the human body and how it works to perform a safe, repeatable golf swing will allow him to fine tune your body to become a happier, healthier, more efficient golfer for years to come.

Call Dr. Jeff to set up your appointment (901) 861-0716

Titleist Fitness evaluations and 8 week workout $175

as a baseline before being eligible for 30 min sessions.)


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I was skeptical about seeing a chiropractor due to a past experience. I was recommended to Dr. Jeff from a friend. The team was welcoming and professional from the first moment walking through the door until you leave. Dr. Jeff listens and takes care of you in office and advises good health habits for you to do at home."
    Bobby A.
  • "Outstanding job! My sciatic nerve pain was horrible, and the sessions I had made all the difference in the world! (Dry needling too!) It’s been a few months and I’m still pain free. Thank you Dr. Carr and staff!"
    Selena S.
  • "Dr Jeff takes my bent, broken body and straightens me out! (Relief from pain and discomfort too!) :P"
    Tom K.
  • "Dr Carr is extremely bright & gifted. He is uniquely tuned in to his patients! I feel very fortunate to have his expertise in keeping my mind & body balanced. I highly recommend him to anyone, as he has a deeper understanding of health than any other chiropractor I know. Thanks so much, Dr Carr!! You really straightened out the scoliosis. I've never felt better!"
    Frances S.
  • "I absolutely love Dr. Carr and his amazing staff. They are always so friendly! Dr. Carr seriously works miracles. He is patient and understanding and explains things in detail!"
    Amy R.