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New to NPC?

How do I get started with Natural Potential Chiropractic?

First - thank you for choosing us! Second - we need to know some information about you so the first thing we need is your New Patient Information form completely filled out. Simply click here to get started! - (this form is completed and submitted online) The information you provide here will be entered directly into your New Patient file so nothing gets lost in the transition! We look forward to the opportunity to go over each answer with you as we learn more about your healthcare goals and how we can assist you in achieving them!

What if I am pregnant? Can I still be seen by the Dr?

Not a problem! We know how to properly work with you - no matter what stage of the journey you are on. But please let us help provide you with some MUCH needed relief! We do have a special supplementary form we need filled out that is more specific to your needs as a parent or mother-to-be! Please click here to download then print at your convenience!

I'd like to have my child(ren) seen by Dr. Carr.

Great! We have loads of experience working with children of all ages! We even have specialized equipment designed just to fit them! To assist us in knowing how to approach your child(ren) properly we may need more specific information to their needs. Please download and print out the New Patient Pediatric form to bring to your first visit. Click here to download the New Patient - Pediatric Information Form!

My child has special needs. Is that a problem?

Absolutely not! We have worked with children with all sorts of special needs - from unusual physical ailments to behavorial issues to sensory challenged individuals. We are happy to help them find a happier and healthier sense of being! To help us know what we need to prepare or consider during our evaluation, please download and print out the following New Pediatric Patient with Extra Care form. Please click here to download and then print out the New Pediatric Patient with Extra Care Form!


Thanks for your message! We'll be "in touch" soon!