Dr. Jeff – I am extremely thankful for your chiropractic care. When I saw the sign on the wall at your office today that said ‘Pain is not a lifestyle’ it made me realize how your care has made that a reality in my life. Until I started coming to you, my lower back was in constant discomfort and limited my activity. Since coming to you I am completely relieved of that pain and you have helped me work through other painful issues helping me to find a natural resolve. Thank you for helping ‘pain is not a lifestyle’ be true in my life. I know so many that feel their only solution is to medicate their pain. I have a goal in life to stay as free of medication as possible. I feel certain I would have been on some sort of medicine by now if I had not become your patient as I was exhausted with the pain. I feel so much healthier and feel that my body is my friend instead of my enemy now. Thank you for making my aging years good years instead of bad ones. Please know that I am a major supporter of chiropractic care and voice it as often as possible to those that are experiencing pain. I wish the ‘traditional’ medical community would be honest and recognize how truly legitimate chiropractic care is.

– Kim S.

I will be the first to admit that I have always been a skeptic when it came to chiropractic care. In recent months I have personally experienced the benefits of proper cervical alignment. I have suffered with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo for over 4 years. i started experiencing the vertigo after having a virus that kept me in bed for a week. I saw 2 separate ENT doctors and had every test run imaginable. I went through the typical treatments, and on medications daily. Nothing relieved my dizziness that disrupted my sleep nightly, and truly interrupted my day to day activity as well. This past January I contracted the influenza virus and was once again in bed for a week. When I recovered, I had an extremely tight neck that was very uncomfortable. I had X-rays, and everything looked fine. The orthopedic doctor placed me on muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories. Again, nothing seemed to help. I started seeing Dr. Jeff Carr twice a week for these symptoms. After about 3 months of regular visits, the tightness and pain in my neck went away. I was quite happy about this, but I also started noticing that I wasn’t experiencing the vertigo any longer. I started trying to think about how long it had been and it had been right at 3 months since I had suffered from it. I was even able to sleep flat in the bed, something that had been completely impossible due to the vertigo. I started researching whether or not there could be a correlation between my weekly chiropractic adjustments and my overcoming the vertigo. Low and behold, there was several articles online about this connection and how improper alignment of your cervical spine can cause vertigo. It was somewhat scary the data I read because the vertebrae can be out of place and actually block proper blood flow to your brain. There were many others that I found that had suffered as I did, and found their cure with a highly skilled chiropractor just like I did.I cannot thank Dr. Jeff enough for not only “fixing” my neck issues, but also for giving me back my life without the world spinning day and night! I am a believer in the healing and the overall health benefits that come from your spine being the way God designed it to be and maintaining it promotes a better life!
I’m a happy girl again!

– Cynthia H. Sadler

“Dr. Jeff and his staff have helped me reach new heights as an athlete and golfer. Their focus on all aspects of biomechanics was very impressive from the start. A first class experience, I recommend a visit to anyone looking to improve health and well being.”

– Phil B. PGA

“I was introduced to the world of chiropractic about 2 years ago when I began treatment at Natural Potential Chiropractic. Dr. Carr is committed to his patients well being, listens when concerns are shared, and offers guidance and suggestions. His staff is personable and helpful. They provide a very warm welcome to the office.”

– Johnna V.

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